Our huge selection and inventory allows us to meet your immediate needs for floor covering. We provide carpet, ceramic, laminate, vinyl laminates, and wood flooring for our customers every day.




Laminate Flooring has come a long way. It only looks like the real thing.  Laminate floors offer a striking resemblance to their hardwood counterparts, plus some added durability.  It is hard to distinguish the clone from the real deal.  Much attention has been paid to the realistic look of laminate flooring products.  Come on in to see the products at West Coast Flooring to see the realism in person.




Ceramic Tile: The Versatile, Adaptable, Beautiful Flooring Choice Naturally resistant against wear and tear that would damage other types of flooring, ceramic tile is incredibly versatile and highly adaptable to many room areas and situations. It’s also extremely easy to maintain and adds great value to any home remodeling project. The only real drawback about ceramic tile is making your choice! West Coast Flooring offers literally hundreds of colors, sizes, shapes, grades, glazes and accent trims, so you’ll be sure to find a uniquely beautiful ceramic tile design that will fit perfectly in your home. From countless options from major manufacturers we help you to discuss the many affordable options available to you.



Hardwood Flooring Nothing brings out the natural beauty of your home like the enchantment of hardwood flooring.  And there’s no one more capable of helping you select hardwood floors than West Coast Flooring. We’ll help you select the most beautiful hardwood floor that will never lose its character or go out of style.  We offer a vast selection of affordable hardwood floors from major manufacturers. We are always available to assist you personally and answer any questions you may have.




Benefits of Vinyl Flooring With today’s state-of-the-art technologies and digital designs, you can now find exceptional vinyl floors in every imaginable color, style and pattern. And whether you’re looking for a natural looking ceramic or stone design, the look of hardwood or a chic geometric pattern in colorful hues and textures, you’re sure to find it at West Coast Flooring.  Offering a wide selection of beautiful vinyl flooring options, you’ll find tremendous value and affordability in our assortment of vinyl floors that are durable and resistant to stains, spills and scuffs.





Carpet  Which Style is Right for You?  When it comes to buying carpet, you want a beautiful floor that will represent your own unique needs and personality. And you want it to be affordable. There’s no one better to help recommend the carpet you’re looking for than West Coast Flooring.  With hundreds of different brands from major manufacturers, we can help your home look more inviting, beautiful and stylish.









Vinyl Plank is designed to capture the timeless beayty of the wood look or natural stone, while providing a comfortable surface for everyday living. But with the added benefit of more dramatic, high end stone visuals. .